Install Elevator

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Lincoln Steel Structure Integrated Building Blocks

Lincoln elevator steel structure integrated building block installation of the elevator, the use of steel structure splicing technology, widely applicable to a variety of non-elevator shaft multi-storey building, the use of environmentally friendly color steel or glass, compared to the traditional installation of concrete plus brick Elevator has a small pollution, short cycle, the need for less space, the impact of small people and other advantages of life.

Exquisite Design, For The Elderly Multi-Storey Community Residents To Achieve Elevator Dream

Easy installation

Lincoln steel structure integrated building blocks, 95% of the elevator installed in the factory to complete, without on-site cutting, welding, no large crane into the scene lifting, low noise, small pollution and short installation cycle, the maximum reduction of residents life unfavorable marketing.

Save Space

Land area of only 4 square meters, for the traditional process, the requirements of the building interval is low, widely applicable to a variety of non-elevator shaft multi-storey building.

Civil Voltage

No special approval of electricity, the application of civilian power 220V.

Benefit The Project, For The Old Community To Create More Value

Convenient Up And Down

To provide shelter for residents who are living in higher levels of mobility.

Community Value Added

Elevator installation costs a small amount of expenditure, but the real estate value of a substantial increase for the residents to create more wealth.

Social Harmony

And international barrier-free livable city convergence, to alleviate the contradictions of life in the aging society, and promote social harmony.