LC/E6000 Escalator

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LC/E6000 Escalator

Lincoln escalator–Industry leading technology. Human security design, Lincoln product could annotate stable and comfortable, safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection perfectly through its high quality. Lincoln escalator is widely used in shopping malls, subways, railway stations and other public places.

ModelSpeed(m/s)AngleStep width(mm)Decoration width(mm)Handrail distance(mm)
LC/E6000-30°/35°(Indoor type)0.530°/35°6001140838
LC/E6000-30°/35°(Indoor type)0.530°/35°80013401038
LC/E6000-30°/35°(Indoor type)0.530°/35°100015401238
LC/E6000-30°(Outdoor type)0.530°6001200838
LC/E6000-30°(Outdoor type)0.530°80014001038
LC/E6000-30°(Outdoor type)0.530°100016001238

The Scientific Design To Ensure Your Quiet And Environmental Life

Lincoln elevator carries out the national low carbon, environmental protection idea and the industry green practice commitment, by drastic green revolution in the elevator, on escalator / moving walk design, material selection and mute technology innovation takes a big adjustment to ensure passenger comfort.

The Efficient Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Reducer

The helical gear drive has the advantages of high contact ratio, momentary contact line length, etc., comparing to the traditional worm drive, its working efficiency increased by 15%.

Optimized Straight Line Type Of Belt Drive System

Compared with the curve type, linear drive has the characteristics of small bending points, little running resistance, and high transmission efficiency. The optimized transmission system reduces the energy consumption by 25%.

Cascade Wheel Mute Technology

Cascade wheel takes the use of advanced Wear-resistant Low Noise imported polyurethane material, so that the operation can be quiet. Polyurethane material is without any pollution or smell.

DC Contactor

The use of DC contactor reduces the friction in running operation with low noise, energy-saving and environmental protection.

The LED Lighting Equipment

Skirting panel lighting, handrail lighting, comb teeth lighting use LED light source with soft light and the electricity consumption is only 1/3 of the traditional lights and energy saving counts up to 80%.

Frequency Control (Standard)

The new designed inverter can ensure the speed regulation balance under the standby mode of operation, and further reduce the required running energy consumption,to ensure that a higher energy saving effect in different passenger contain.

Lincoln Public Transport Escalator

High Standards

Lincoln LC/E6000-30° public transport escalator and in line with higher than standard GB16899-2011.

High Strength

Can be used to adapt to high-intensity use, that is, about 140 hours per week (more than 20 hours a day), and 100% of the load time is greater than or equal to 1h at any interval of 3 hours. And can be used as a fixed staircase when the equipment is stopped.

Large Flow

The step width is 1000mm, the upper and lower steps of the horizontal movement distance is greater than or equal to 1.6 meters, that is, four steps, rated speed 0.5m / s or 0.65m / s, to ensure the safety of the circumstances to maximize the transmission capacity.

Long Service Life

Lincoln machine life 35 – 40 years, far greater than the ordinary escalator 20 years of service life, and overhaul period of more than 20 years.

More Secure

Lincoln public transport escalator cascade chain, handrails and other components of the safety factor is greater than the ordinary escalator. Escalator up and down the rotation of not less than 2600mm, while the ordinary escalator only 2000mm, run more smoothly.

Strong Protection

All parts are used special protection process, the material is more durable, able to adapt to the sun, rain, sand, snow and other natural weather, corrosion resistance, and a temperature control device to ensure the normal operation of the escalator.

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Human Design Comfortable And Safe

If there is a foreign body stuck between the rubber head and handrail,the safety switch behind the rubber head will be turned on to stop the escalator.

When an emergency occurs, the escalator stops immediately when the button is pressed.

When the escalator is in normal operation, the screen can use green arrow to indicate the direction of operation. When a fault occurs, the red trouble code will be displayed on the screen to ensure the fault location accurately in the short time, which greatly improve the maintenance efficiency.

The dotted skirting panel lighting along the cascade trajectory enhances the visibility on the escalator, which make passengers more comfortable and safe.

The equipment artful installation at the apron plate close to the comb plate adjacent provides lighting services to the passengers for their safety ride.

Installed in the handrail, the restful LED ray adds a brightness for the dark environment in the running escalator.

Cascade lighting helps passengers easily identify the cascade import and export level, improving the passengers’ safety.

The application of computer technology, has the feature of a stronger expansion, more refined fault detection function, and more security performance.

Installed on the both sides of the apron plate, the apron brush keeps your shoes from cascade collision, which can effectively prevent the foreign body into the cascade.

Through the wired or wireless communication module, the remote monitoring center can monitor the status of the lift and the passenger’s situation in real time, which can eliminate the trouble before the occurrence and ensure the safety of passengers.

Install water level detection sensor out of the machine room, which can automatically detect the water level, and found the water trouble.

When the environment temperature is too low, the elevator system will automatically start heating device to ensure the normal operation of the escalator and also a comfortable environment for passengers.