LC/V600 Villa Elevator

LC/V600 Villa Elevator

Lincoln Villa elevator, more than ten years to create extraordinary and ingenious, ingenuity design, with a safe ecosystem, wisdom of the system, elegant life experience three advantages of the characteristics of wisdom and security perfect fusion, bring you warm family space and endless ride Ladder enjoyment.

Capacity(kg)PersonsSpeed(m/s)Cabin size D×W×H(mm)Opening size W×H(mm)Door openingShaft size D×H(mm)Headroom(mm)Pit depth(mm)
40050.41000×1200×2200800×2000Automatic sub-door1800×16003400500
32040.4900×1200×2200700×2000Automatic sub-door1650×16003400500
40050.41000×1200×2200800×2000Automatic sub-door1600×16503400500
32040.4900×1200×2200700×2000Next to double the door1500×16503400500

Safety Eco-System

Dragging By Flexible Steel Belt

Apply flat and compound steel belt design, which highly creases traction fric-tion. Polyurethane cladding for steel belt effectively reduces frictional loss and it needn’t extra lubrication. Therefore, it is more energy-saving, environmental, firm and durable than traditional steel rope.

Mechanical And Electrical Interlock

Electrical system sends precise command and correspond mechanical device will response to the command quickly. Bi-directional interlock enhances elevator safety.

Components’ Service Life Warning

Each elevator is equipped with a complete self-checking device that can detect elevator speed, door open/close status, traction machine temperature and brake force, contactors and so on.These devices can send the detected data back to the data cloud service platform, which can give early warning before possible failure of components to avoid accidents.

Back-up Source Support

Apply dual power supply design. In case of power failure, back-up source will work automatically to enable elevator work normally, which guarantees safety and convenience for passengers.

Intelligent IOT Project

Private Phone Call

When passenger answers call in elevator, there is no need to worry to be heard because of excellent sound insulation function. It assures privacy and security for passengers.

Smart Home Access

Apply one-touch remote control. You can turn on air conditioning in advance if it is hot; you can turn off lights in elevator if forgotten. Smarter ride experience, makes life more convenient.

Data Cloud Recovery

All failure information will be sent to data cloud platform automatically. Data errors of small scope can be recovered automatically. For serious problem, it will alarm automatically to Inform the maintenance or property management staff and give maintenance suggestions.

Automatic Identification Of Calling

Elevator has several calling modes, such as face identification, fingerprint recognition,QR code and phone calling, which can quickly identify calling passengers. It is high-security simple, convenient, accurate and safe.

Elegant Life Experience

Sound-free Design Of Main Machine

Apply specialized machine design, with features like normal voltage, small power and low energy consumption and no noise. It takes you to target floor smoothly.

LCD Human-computer Interface

The elevator is equipped with world-leading LCD interface with flexible functions. It can provide weather forecast, BMI calculation, announcement of community and other information. Thus passenger can get information in elevator and enjoy new ride experience.

Colorful Cabin Style

Lincoln provides various styles for cabin decoration for user’s selection. It follows modern aesthetic style and decoration is honorable and noble. It is a perfect combination of exquisite craft and building, with top quality.

Health Care Magic Box

High efficient mould proof filtration mesh can remove dust; High quality cold catalyst can remove harmful gas; Negative oxygen ion can sterilize and purify the air in the cabin (optional functions); UV sterilization system will also kill
several types of germs thoroughly (optional functions).

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