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Career Development

Lincoln elevator employs top production, technology,research, development and management personnel home and abroad with high salary, and establishes rapidly a professional team with high level, quality and large view,playing a fundamental role in rapid development of Lincoln elevator in China.
Lincoln elevator insists on more open system and space management staffs as well as talent value of “everyone is talent, employing talents without discrimination.” The responsibility of Lincoln elevator is to create creative space for each staff through establishing race course, making each staff become strategic cooperative partner of enterprise, realizing life value, and enterprise value.

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Training Plan

Lincoln elevator has always attached importance to personnel training, staff training, the construction of a scientific, rational and efficient training system. It is divided into new staff induction training, professional skills training, management skills training and other levels of training.
Through training, reduce work mistakes, avoid accidents and improve the quality of work and efficiency; provide learning and education opportunities for employees to realize their personal value; strengthen the internal team work, increase enterprise cohesion, enhance employees’ understanding of corporate culture and business philosophy; at the same time for the long-term development of reserve personnel the company’s human resources, providing a high level platform.

Talent Recruitment