New starting points and new steps –congratulate to successful ending of the 2017 marketing work meeting of Lincoln

All sales elites came from various places throughout the country to have annual reports, summarize the past, plan the future, communicate with company leaders and welcome chances and challenges of the next year with confidence.

In addition, the meeting involved in several major reformation and improvement measures of Lincoln which were introduced and explained in details by leaders of various departments.

Of course, there is a grand finale and the key of the meeting is: in 2017, Lincoln elevator launched the new products LC-P/MP8000-S series and parking systems. We just have a brief introduction here and a special report will be made.
Green humanity, make achievements in the future

Lincoln Elevator (China) Co, LTD had reformation on the basis of former generations of products and launched the new generation of LC-P(MP)8000-S small (none) machine room elevator products which abided by the idea of environmental protection and fully reflected green humanity. Moreover, it breaks through the premise of traditional elevators of establishing big machine rooms to provide infinite creative possibilities to finite space of modern architecture, especially places which have strict requirements on appearance of architectures.

1.Introduce American technology and observe to the design principal of “safety, environmental protection and humanization”

The advanced technology can save architectural space. Compared with elevators of the same specifications, it has lower requirements on pit depth and top height, thus further saving architectural space.

Optimization of materials of counterweight fillers can realize recycle of resources and reflect the principle of environmental protection which has been observed to by Lincoln. Permanent magnet synchronous no-gear tractor can make the elevators free from lubrication maintenance and oil pollution. Moreover, it operates steadily and has less noisy pollution and energy consumption, thus bringing users with better experience.

2.Adopt reliable, stable and intelligent control system and permanent magnet synchronous internal rotor drive system.

3.Safety parts, control system, gantry crane and tractor are all produced by Lincoln to guarantee quality

The advanced internal rotor structure tractor has original design and smaller size, and it can guarantee safe operation while saving space. Bearings which are in both sides of rotors can provide more stable support and have smaller air gaps and better dustproof.

The ending of the three-day long marketing work meeting means the start of all sales personnel of Lincoln elevator.

To strive because of existence and to be splendid because of efforts

In 2017, Lincoln will be splendid because of you!