Service System

Start From You And Start From Heart

All what we have done is meaningful because of you. Lincoln elevator always thinks that the best service provided for clients is people-orientation and consumer-orientation, keep listen to needs and feedback of clients all the time. Start everything from heart, allowing considerate, realizable and sincere service accompany you.

All-Weather Online Service

National 400-826-0599 hotline, 24 hours real-time online, committed to the first time to solve the problem for customers.

Pursuing profession and delicacy, perfection and beauty

Lincoln elevator applies management pattern and talent training mechanism to create a maintenance and installation team with strong expertise, professional technology and exquisite business. Strict management and operation flow, multi-channel control and maintenance system as well as perfect original parts support -guarantees fast response of Lincoln elevator, optimum scheme and perfect service advantage.

Sound Stagnation Service

Lincoln Elevator has set up after-sales service stations in the developed markets, and as long as the same project within the Lincoln elevator to reach more than 15, the company can send senior maintenance team stagnation. Formed a sound after-sales service network.

Professional Service Team

Lincoln Elevator has a professional strong, technical expertise, the installation of fine business and maintenance team, combined with standardized management and training to ensure that the security team response to fast, excellent program, the supremacy of the service advantages.

Adequate Spare Parts Reserves

At every after-sales service station, Lincoln regularly checks inventory of spare parts to ensure that the stock of elevator accessories meet local maintenance needs.

Customer Rights And Interests Of Great Protection

Lincoln elevator to do the shipping before the standard packing and check the exact arrival of the process according to the process out of the box inventory, if received missing feedback, uphold the “first answer after the confirmation” of the program, will not affect the customer’s progress.

Intuitive Remote Monitoring System

Maintenance staff can be through the computer, mobile phone at any time to view the elevator running conditions, master elevator operation and fault information to ensure that professionals first time for customers to eliminate hidden dangers for the safe operation of the elevator to provide an important guarantee.

Perfect Inspection Inspection Mechanism

Lincoln Elevator to establish an internal maintenance inspection inspection mechanism, specifically the establishment of the audit department, from time to time on the project maintenance services to inspect self-inspection work to ensure that the maintenance of a truly comprehensive implementation of the service.

Maintenance Inspection Patrol Mechanism

Lincoln elevator always requires itself with strict standards. Lincoln elevator established internal maintenance patrolling mechanism and audit department to make irregular inspection as to engineering maintenance service, with the purpose to ensure real practical implementation of maintenance service.
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