Hengzhong · Qingyuan (Shandong)
Hengzhong · Qingyuan is a high-end community. Located in Linqing of Liaocheng in Shandong, it is invested by the listed state-owned enterprise Luxi Chemical Company Limited and developed by Hengzhong Real Estate. The project covers an area of 112mu and has an overall floorage of 270,000 square meters. It is constituted by high-rise buildings, multilayer elevator garden houses and underground parking lots. The community is located in the center of Linqing and gets close to the central plaza, Linqing Theater, cultural center and the canal landscape belt. 1 kilometer away from Yinzuo shopping mall, it is the absolute center of Linqing. The community has varied house types, strives to meet the lifestyle of owners to seek for new and changes from multiple aspects, levels and angles, realizes pursuit of owners to living quality to the maximum and interprets the perfect ideal of livability better.