Stereo Parking Equipment

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Stereo Parking Equipment

Lincoln companies rely on a strong technical, quality, capital, brand, from the customer needs for different projects specific circumstances, from a single parking equipment procurement to follow-up operation and management of a variety of cooperation model for customers to provide a reasonable and effective urban parking One-stop solution.

PJS Simple Lift Type Three-Dimensional Parking Garage (Foundation Pit Second Floor, Foundation Pit Three)

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Lincoln Elevator introduced two types of PJS simple lift type three-dimensional parking equipment, respectively, on the ground floor of a layer of the ground floor (pit two-storey garage) and the ground floor of the two layers (three pits) garage.
With Lincoln’s unique lifting mechanism, users simply enter the password to access the garage +car number or brushing IC card, lifting movements will be automatically completed, the designated parking spaces will reach the landing floor, the user can park the car into the parking lot on loading board,or drive the car out from the car parking board.

1. In each group, two upper and lower vehicle boards or three(upper,middle,lower)are integrated,and the lifting movement is performed simltaneously.

2. Manual operation automatic operation after IC card operation,accessing to the car conveniently and quickly.

3. Steel structure, surface spraying with plastic, environment-friendly and lead-free, durable and anti-corrosion

4. With multiple safety protection devices, it is safe and reliable

5. Can make full use of the space in the basement. When the area is certain, the utilization rate of space can be increased by one to two times.

Private villas, residential quarters, enterprises and institutions, basement and so on.

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PSH Lift-Off Type Parking Equipment (Six And Below)

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Lincoln six layers or less lifting and moving parking garage, all for the steel structure components, driven by a motor chain, four wire suspension technology,when accessing to the vehicle, the parking board needs to drop to the ground floor, parking board on the ground floor only do sliding movement(each group shall be left a vacancy in order to facilitate the upper parking space’s dripping)

1. It can be arranged flexibly according to the size and shape of the site, so that the number of parking can be multiplied and the underground space can be fully utilized.

2. Configure multiple safety protection devices to ensure reliable operation.

3. Modular structure,short installation period and convenient maintenance.

Residential area, renovation of underground garage and outdoor space (outdoor decoration can be built, and shelter can be set up)

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PCX Vertical Circulation Type Parking Equipment (12 Parking Spaces And Below)

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Lincoln vertical circulation type parking equipment drives the transmission mechanism through a geared motor,and hanging baskets are installed at a certain distance on the traction chain.The hanging baskets circulate along with the chain.Users simply brush IC card or enter the parking lot number and drive the car into the basket, that is, to achieve parking, on the contrary,the car is picked up successfully.

1. Small area and large capacity, it can park 12 cars with two and a half parking space on the ground.

2. Flexible layout, which can be installed in the gap between buildings in the living area.

3. Stable mechanical performance, convenient installation, flexible configuration and convenient accessing.

4. Stable operation, reliable braking, high safety, light and beautiful appearance.

Outdoor space, can also be connected with other buildings (appearance can be integrated with surrounding environment by optimizing design,and advertising can be put into according to local conditions to realize value-added)

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PCS Vertical Lift Three-Dimensional Parking Garage

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Lincoln vertical lifting parking equipment is lifting through lifting system and cross-shifting through the carrier to park the car on the parking equipment which is on both sides of the hoist-way brackets. In general, each floor has two parking spaces, and the entire parking garage can reach up to 25 floors, which means parking 50 cars, and K-car parking spaces can be arranged on the lower parking spaces.

1. Maximum efficiency of the space using
2. Internal device direction conversion equipment, the inbound and outbound without reversing, easy to access.
3. Metal structure or concrete structure can be adopted.
4. Fully enclosed operation is adopted to effectively avoid vehicle theft and damage.

Suitable for high-rise office building, residential buildings, hospitals, comprehensive commercial buildings and other land tension projects, new high-rise independent parking garage(tower type stereo garage), old city reconstruction,etc

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