Energy Saving Program

Lincoln Green Energy Conservation Concept

Lincoln elevator regards green and energy-saving technology as core idea of enterprise, and prosecutes energy saving and environmental protection to the end and put it into practice in each aspect of enterprise.
Lincoln elevator not only produces green and energy-saving elevator products, but also applies energy saving and environmental friendly technology in sewerage system of factory, factory building and environment, thus realizing unique green and biological system of Lincoln elevator, providing long-term guarantee for sustainable and healthy development of enterprise, setting example for construction and development of Chinese elevator industry.


Solar Energy Saving System

reduce carbon discharging, saving 40% of electricity

Sewage Processing System

zero sewage release, annual 70% of water saving

Solar Energy Lighting System

annual 15% of electricity saving

Permanent Magnetic Gearless Machine

Lincoln elevator’ s masterdrive adopts safe and highly efficient permanent magnetic gearless machine, improving transmission efficiency by 50%, and adopts butterfly brake with eight strong tripping springs installed, which is larger than braking torque of traditional brake with smaller attracting current, low mechanical malfunction rate and high level of safety.

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Permanent Magnet Synchronous VVVF Door Operator

Compared with traditional AV door operator, the advanced PMSM door operator can save more than 70% energy. It adopts new door operator control technology which combines fiber-optic communication and variable-frequency technology. PMSM door operator is strong to electromagnetic interference and improves communication reliability.

Energy Regeneration And Feedback Technology

Lincoln Elevator, adhering to the green elevator concept of environmental protection, devote themselves to research and development of energy renewable frequency technology, changing the traditional non-renewable energy elevator waste of resources for the star hotel, high-grade commercial and residential buildings, public buildings to provide the best green vertical transport solution Program. In the elevator no load on the line or full load down, the motor generated by the electricity into the corresponding normal current with the grid, and these new current used in the building of other electrical equipment, to achieve substantial energy saving effect, power effective recycling up to 30%.

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Net Net

Advanced energy frequency converter can effectively suppress the generation of high harmonics, reduce power pollution, help to protect the other power supply system with other sensitive electrical equipment, to avoid the resistance of energy consumption increased by the secondary power loss and two Secondary thermal environment pollution

Quiet Endless

Lincoln energy feedback device, the use of advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction host drive, eliminating the contact transmission is inevitable due to mechanical wear and tear caused by increased noise, excellent mute effect.

Endless Territory

Self-diagnosis system for elevator maintenance easier, no need to go to the scene for software upgrades, mobile phone wireless connection system, you can optimize the internal configuration anytime, anywhere on the elevator control system upgrades, saving a lot of time and labor costs.


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Energy Saving Elevator And Solar Energy Elevator

Lincoln elevator inherits green and environmental protection idea,puts the idea into practice, and invests great power into research and developmental field of energy saving elevator and solar elevator,occupying firs chance in elevator competition in the future, directing industrial development.

Automatic Illumination Technology Of Lift Car

Consider sufficient humanization and energy saving as well as environmental protection with application of automatic illumination technology, ensuring that the lamp is in closed status when no one uses it with the purpose of electricity saving; when the elevator starts, illumination equipment starts automatically, with low consuming operation and electricity saving.

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